Dog Boarding

Whitecourt Kennels offers an affordable, quality, dog boarding service in a safe, clean, fun and loving environment

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Dog Grooming

Whitecourt Kennels has a certified pet stylist ready to pamper your fur babies by appointment or during their stay with us

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Dog Daycare

Whitecourt Kennels offers  doggy day care service so your fur baby can have fun and play during the day. Socializing with other dogs is optional and lots of love is always provided

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Daycare and boarding will be fun for your dog

We offer large  4"x 5" kennels with heated flooring and a trap door that leads to a private 4"x 10" outside covered run. (in order to provide a comfortable, warm environment for your dogs, private runs will only be utilized in winter as access to larger outdoor runs).

Whitecourt Kennels' main building has 3 large outside runs where dogs play together and socialize at the owners discretion.

Non socializing dogs take turns in a large run to sniff, exercise and play with us.

Inside we have a doggy living room with a small run. Here we give one on one time, cuddles and play to all the dogs.

This area is also used for our smaller breeds to socialize in a secure area away from the larger dogs.

Lots of fun time outside

Dogs will get outside to play several times a day. The weather, the socializing group that we have staying with us at the time and how well they get along with the other dogs will determine how long they will spend outside.

Your dog will be fed according to your instructions and we are happy to give any medication they may need.

please bring "pill pockets" or something similar to ensure they will take it.

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Let your dog have their own vacation while you have yours. If you are working away we will be your dogs second home.

If your puppy needs to socialize or burn some energy we can do that for you!   (780)778-4013