Our life

Our life changed in december 2015 when we finally acquired this beautiful property, just out of town, on an acreage. It was a dream of our to have a life style that was more about enjoying life and all its beautiful things like outdoors, forest, gardening, dogs, cats etc.

As animal lover we were thrilled to be able to continue with the business already in place which was, and still is, a dog boarding kennel. We renamed it Whitecourt Kennels to make it clear what town we were in.

At first, we added a doggy daycare service. After we thought it would be very convenient for our clients to have their dog groomed while knowing there would be no rush to pick him up when he’d be ready since we would be able keep him here in daycare until we’d close. The dogs that would be boarding would be able to go home already groom which would make life easier for our clients.

Grooming was only an idea last winter and we made it happen! Recently Steve completed a grooming course and became a professional pet stylist. It enabled us to add a dog grooming service to our family business.

Now we keep enjoying our life with lots of dogs everyday!