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What to bring with your dog

You must provide us with an up to date certificate of vaccination that shows  expiration dates for Rabies, Bordatella and D.A.P.(distemper, adenovirus and parvo). The certificate must show owners details ,dogs details and must be signed or stamped by a veterinarian .

We do sell dog kibbles at $1.00 per cup however we recommend that you bring your dog's usual food and that you allow for a little more than they will need just in case.

If your dog has medication we will administer free of charge however you must bring pill pockets or something similar (hot dogs work well) or we will charge $0.75 per pill pocket used to your invoice.

Our kennels have in floor heating in the cooler months, It is recommended though that you bring a bed or blanket for extra comfort and the scent of home. A bone or toy can be left in your dogs private kennel to chew at night.

Dogs must be leashed from car to kennel when arriving and kennel to car when leaving to ensure their safety as well as our own pets.

If its your first time here pet owners must be at least 18 years of age to utilize our services and fill to out our mandatory waiver.

To save time and for your convenience we are happy to e-mailed it too you ahead of time.

Operating hours

We are open for pickups and drop offs anytime between the hours of 9am and 5:30pm seven days a week.

Pick up on day of departure is normally before 11:30,  from 1pm an additional half day will be charged.

You are more than welcome to pick up and drop off outside of these hours with prior arrangements ,however an out of hours fee will be charged.